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HIT international operates an exclusive Travel Club, listing in its online travel directory accommodation, discounted tourist services and travel attractions for Israeli travelers. Our travel directory also gives information of interest to Israeli travellers (e.g. Jewish communities, Israeli dance groups, Israeli restaurants, and even some casual job opportunities).


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When Israeli travellers join the HIT Travel Club they are issued a HIT CMC (Club Membership Card) and receive access to our travel directory. This CMC has their name and photo, ID verification, membership number and expiry date and enables them to take advantage of the hosting, accommodation and services listed in our online travel directory.



The HIT Travel Club Membership is limited to:

  1. Israelis with a valid Israeli passport, driver’s licence or residency permit.
  2. Spouses of the above.


Become a Provider

The HIT network works with various hosting/accommodation and service providers.


Host providers – offer various types of accommodation:

Please note: Hosting with us doesn’t mean you have to host everyone at any time. It’s always to our hosts discretion to take OR refuse guests whatever their reason might be. As hosts on the HIT network you’re not obliged to entertain your visitors throughout the day. You don’t have to feed your visitors, provide them with internet and/or laundry facilities or take them on day trips in your area. You’re obviously free (and even encouraged) to provide many extras to your visitors, but we only require HIT hosts to provide their visitors with the following >>> (1) a bed (and/or a fold-out couch and/or a mattress on the floor and/or a place where the Israelis can pitch a tent and/or park outside with a campervan) (2) toilet / showers the Israelis can use (3) a kitchen where they can cook…


  • Regular hosting (Category R): Hosts in this category are those who are able to commit themselves for hosting whenever possible within their hosting arrangements. Bed, campervan or tenting (no obligation to provide other services such as meals, transport, internet, laundry, etc.) *1*2  Host Styles vary – “Quality” with self-contained facilities, “Family” with shared facilities and “Basic” with mattresses on the floor or a fold-out sofa.


  • Backup hosting (Category B): Backup during peak times. Hosts in this category are those who cannot commit themselves to full-time hosting and can only host “from time to time”.


  • Commercial Discounted accommodation (Category C) such as camping grounds backpackers/hostels, motels, B&B etc. offering discounted accommodation to HIT Members. *3


If you can’t host people in your home but would like to meet Israeli travellers, there are still ways for you to participate with us! Apart from hosting/accommodation providers you can also join us in one of the following categories:


  • Social (Category S): Social/meeting only such as inviting Israeli travellers passing through your area for a meal, refreshment stop (coffee, shower, travel suggestions) or take travelers out for a day trip for boating, hunting, fishing, 4×4 drive, mountain biking, horse riding, etc. *2


Jewish/Israeli cultural providers (Category J) offer cultural/religious activities to Israeli travellers. Activities include Shabbat meals, celebration of the Jewish feasts, Israeli/Jewish community meetings; Focus on Israel meetings, etc.


Operators of travel/tourist and any other businesses (Category O) offer special or discounted services to Israeli and host Club Members. *3


Work providers (Category W) offer work opportunities to Club Members, (e.g. child care, orchard, farm, travel industry, restaurant, etc). This can be a paid job or work in return for accommodation and food.


Volunteers needed (Category V) offering the oppurtunity for voluntary service to HIT hosts and supporters. If your organization/ministry need any volunteers at various times >>> we would love to include it in our network as well! 




*1 Campervans/tent space (no obligation to provide camping equipment.) Many Israelis travel with their own vans or carry their own camping equipment.


*2 Cover charge (A small cover charge p.p a night to cover basic overheads such as power, water etc.)


*3 Please note (categories “O” and “C”) that we ask for the highest discount possible your business is able to give HIT members in return for free publicity on our network.


*4 Please note (ALL categories) that we are now also able to list various hosts and services in Israel targeting for either HIT members (Israeli travelers) and/or for HIT hosts and supporters visiting the land. 


Please read our Terms and Conditions for Hosting providers 


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