Valid in NZ

While we are not able to provide 100% security for our hosts, we have taken some measures in order to protect HIT hosts from undesirable guests.


In this link (accessible to hosts/service providers only) you will be able to search for HIT members, see their details and view their HIT membership card before they even come to you.


When Israelis are contacting you in order to come and stay (OR receive your discount) simply ask for their (1) First Name (2) Surname (3) Username (4) Membership Number and (5) Email Address and record it in this form.


NOT valid in NZ

Now you can go in this link which is accessible to hosts and service providers only (ask for your username!) and type in the “Window Search” (under the top menu) just one of the details the Israeli/s have provided you and click “Search”.


Once the results are shown, you can click on ANY details shown in the 5 columns and this will take you to see the Membership Card/s of your proposed guest/s. Once you’re at the Membership Card page, you can click on Control + in order to enlarge the size of the Membership Card and to get back to the original size, just click Control 0 (zero).


Click here to view details of HIT members and their membership cards…