About HIT international


We are the first network in the world to offer Israeli travelers FREE hospitality in private homes outside of Israel.


Operating in New Zealand since 2000, we have managed to create a network where Israeli travelers can stay up to 90% of the time of their travels in New Zealand in HIT homes!!! We have also arranged HIT members countless discounts in all the wonderful activities that New Zealand has to offer. This includes various operators of skydive, bungy, rafting,  4×4, swimming with dolphins, horse riding, kayaking, sailing and many more… We can truly say that we give Israeli travelers the cheapest and most attractive travel possible and an unforgettable ‘home away from home’ experience!


Now, after 14 years of operation, we’re branching into other countries, and >>> launching HIT international


We believe that very soon, we’ll be able to offer similar services to HIT members in many other countries… Moreover, we will also arrange discounted accommodations (and other related services) to HIT hosts and supporters as you visit Israel. We hope to also include many different organizations/ministries in the holy-land, that you, who support the people and nation of Israel, will be able to volunteer in, for various periods of time…


HIT international enables Christian lovers of Israel to show their love and support to His people in the most practical way possible – through the simple act of hospitality. We also extend our invitation to Jewish people (whether Orthodox, Reformed, Conservative, Secular or Messianic) and to native-born Israelis living out of Israel, to come and take part  in our network as hosting and service providers. Wherever you may live on the face of the globe, there will be some Israelis, traveling somewhere near you, so please, come and join us!!!


* HIT international is the vision of a native-born Israeli; a Kibbutznik (and a Messianic Jew) who has traveled extensively and knows the travelers’ world inside-out as well as the mind-set, customs and traditions of Jews and Christians alike.


Disclaimer: While we would look for ways to co-operate with any organization, business or ministry that endorse the objectives of HIT international, we are under no such obligation and leave ourselves the right to exercise freedom with whom we choose to co-operate.