Charges for hosting: No host should pay (and definitely not go bankrupt) for hosting Israeli travelers and obviously, no-one can give what they themselves do not have. In the past, as many HIT hosts in New Zealand have been flooded with phone calls from Israeli travelers seeking accommodation, we advised you to put a charge of “$5 p”p a night”. Some hosts (especially those in the touristic areas) have found that this does not cover their costs and had it as “$10 p”p a night”. In other countries the costs can be different but always cheaper than the costs at business accommodation.

Having a cover charge is, off-course, your own decision and up to each and every one of you to have it as you understand. However, if there are not that many Israelis coming to your area, and you only host a few HIT members a year and can afford to remove this “cover charge” from your hosting profile altogether, you will not only make yourself more “attractive” to the Israeli travelers but would also bring your witness to them to a higher level, as they will never be able to hold against you that you’re “getting” anything for hosting them…

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