As a hosting provider, you are not obliged to provide your HIT visitors with anything outside of a (1) a bed (or a place to sleep), (2) toilet and shower they can use and (3) a place (kitchen) they can use for cooking. You are obviously free (and encouraged) to provide any extras.

Meal, laundry, Internet: If you choose to supply your HIT visitors any of these, it would be great to include it in your hosting profile. Please mention if you have wireless internet, as more and more Israelis are traveling with their own lap-tops and/or iPhones.

Day tours, 4×4, fishing, kayaking, hunting, boating, horse riding, etc: It would be great if you can provide any of the things mentioned above and it will automatically make you more appealing to HIT members. Please note that you can say “time & weather permitting” OR “available on weekends only”, etc.

Please do not offer any such extras if you cannot afford the costs involved, or alternatively, mention the extra costs involved for HIT members saying something like: “Fishing trips on weekends (on costs-recovery basis) – Available” or “Pig hunting ($20 p”p) – available”, etc.

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