Unmarried couples: As most Israelis using the HIT network (at least in New Zealand) are younger than 25yrs and being non-believers, I strongly suggest removing any comments in regard to unmarried couples from your hosting profile, as this is a big obstacle that prevents many Israelis who travel as couples from joining the HIT Travel Club. Those couples, who do join, will not normally go and stay with hosts who have such comments in their “hosting profile”, or worse, will come on the pretense that they are married. As God has overlooked so many things in each and every one of us, I would like to encourage you to do the same with your Israeli visitors remembering that this is an outreach to non-believers. However, if you still feel uncomfortable about this, it would be better to have such information in your hosting profile, so your Israeli visitors would know what to expect and would not be able to hold against you that you have withheld (some) information from them.  

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