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HIT - Hosting ISRAELI Travelers, is an international hosting network, where private people, lovers-of-Israel, open their hearts and homes and invite Israeli travelers visiting their countries to come and stay with…

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HIT international operates an exclusive Travel Club for Israelis all over the world, listing various accommodation options, discounted tourist services and travel attractions. On our online travel directory there…

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Rose, New Zealand:
Had our first two HIT visitors and they were two 23-year-old young men. As a family we found them to be very appreciative of the hospitality we gave to them. It was really interesting to hear about their lives and where they have come from. The visit was reciprocal and a great experience. (Rose, Ashburton, New Zealand, 23 January 2017)
Yarden's recommedation on HIT
4 months; 15 amazing hosts in New Zealand; 15 amazing hosts in Australia... Thank you for the HIT international program! (Yarden Hefer, 13 April 2019)

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We operate in many countries around the world.
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Australia - 790
Belgium - 96
Fiji - 105
Finland - 109
Cape Town - 54
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands - 8
London - 6