FAQ – for Tour Operators

What does the HIT network offer tour operators? We propose that, in return for your best discount and/or special deal to HIT members, we will place your business information and contact details on our website FREE of charge.

How does the HIT network operate? Once you have filled out our online Service Provider application form (http://hitinternational.net/en/service-providers-application-form/) we list your service on our website according to your location (HIT members can also search for you according to the type of service you offer). It is now in the hands of HIT members to contact you directly, according to their will.

Why should I list my business on the HIT website? To expose it to the many Israelis who travel in your country / area. These Israelis are looking to participate in all the wonderful activities your town / area may be able to offer. Subsequently, by offering them a good discount, we are certain you will surely attract their attention.

There are many other networks around. Why should I give a discount to HIT members? First of all, we do not (at least at this stage) charge for publicity. Secondly, acting as a “booking agent”, instead of asking you for a commission (like any other booking agent) we ask you to give our supposed commission to our members provided they come to you on direct bookings only (no direct bookings, no discount). In other words, you are not asked to give both a commission and a discount, just a discount. Given the above, you have absolutely nothing to lose – if no comes through us it didn’t cost you anything, but, if only one customer comes through us, you will get the same amount you get if the booking comes through any other agent.

What do I do if I have a group and only one is a HIT member? The HIT membership is personal and for individual use only. There are no special arrangements for couples, travel partners or families. The only exception are children under the age of 13 years, who come under their parents’ membership card/s.  No HIT card? – No discount! Just as simple as that. The only way we can give you free publicity on our network is because Israelis pay us to use our services – if non-HIT members can get the same deal as HIT members get, then they would they join as HIT members in the first place?

What am I asked to give in order to list my business on the HIT website? All we ask you to give is the best discount possible (at least 10%). If, for some reason, you have a problem giving a discount, then giving an extra deal is also an option.

How can we find out who is a HIT member? When Israelis join as HIT members, they register on our website. Giving us a password of your choice, you will receive a “Username” so that you can log on and view the HIT membership cards of your customer/s. Also, HIT members are able to take a “screen shot” of their membership card on their mobile phone and should be able to provide these to you upon your request.

What if HIT members coming to us through another booking agent? In such a case, you are not required to give them their HIT discount as, after the amount of discount that you offer to HIT members, we clearly state “direct bookings only”.

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