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What does HIT international do?

HIT (Hosting Israeli Travelers) has been operating in New Zealand since the year 2000. While there are various hosting networks around, the unique aspect about HIT is that we offer FREE hosting in private homes for young Israeli travelers. Each year we used to publish a travel directory which was accompanied by a club membership card (with personal details and photo identification) and listing hosts and discounted services for them to use and enjoy.

Since 2014, we are expanding the HIT network internationally and now providing our services online, using this website. Our website contains useful information for the Israeli travelers as well as information on various hosts and services in many countries around the world. We have recently launched our new website (28 October 2019) and now our hosts can use and enjoy the HIT network as well.

We're looking for different operators, businesses and organizations that may be of an interest for (1) Israeli travelers as they travel around the world and/or (2) hosts when they visit Israel:

  • Operators of travel/tourist (and any other) businesses – Category O: offer discounted services or special deals to HIT members on various businesses that may be of an interest to them (such as skydiving, bungy, rafting, swimming with dolphins / whales, garages, shops, walking tracks, etc). Please note: We’re asking for the largest discount you can possibly offer, and a minimum of 10%. Tip:  we advise you give the discount “on direct bookings only” which will enable you to give a larger discount instead of paying a commission for a booking agent as well. IF offering a discount is not an option, you may be able to give “an extra value deal” or something of that sort.
  • Work providers – Category W: offer paid-jobs and work opportunities to HIT members, (e.g. child care, orchard, farm, travel industry, restaurants, etc). Please note: If an appropriate working visa is required – many Israelis have a second passport (or a working holiday visa) in various countries around the world.
  • Volunteers needed – Category V: offering HIT members various non-paid, voluntary jobs in their homes (such as gardening, cooking, etc) in return for accommodation and food. Please note: If your organization / ministry needs any volunteers at various times of the year >>> we would love to include it in our network as well! 
  • Social (no overnight stay) – Category S: Social/meeting only, such as inviting Israeli travelers passing through your area for a meal, refreshment stop (coffee / shower / travel suggestions) or take travelers out for a day trips – boating, hunting, fishing, 4×4 driving, mountain biking, horse riding, etc, providing pick-up / drop-off to / from the airport or bus / train station OR anything else you can think of. Please note: any of the service/s you offer can be provided free of charge OR on a cost-recovery basis.
  • Jewish / Israeli cultural providers – Category J: offer cultural / religious activities to Israeli travelers. Activities may include Shabbat meals, celebration of the Jewish / Biblical feasts, Israeli / Jewish community meetings; Focus on Israel meetings, etc.

The fact that we’ll have a direct link to your website will enable the Israelis to learn about your service while they're still in Israel and before coming to your country!

Normally, whenever people make bookings to your service through any booking agent, you will give these agents a 10% – 20% commission. We (HIT international) ask to act as a booking agent but instead of getting your commission, we ask you to give it as a discount to HIT members, provided they come to you on direct booking and present a valid HIT card!

Why advertise with HIT international?

  • To ensure your business is exposed to thousand of young Israelis traveling out of Israel every year. These young Israelis are looking to participate in all the wonderful adventure/sightseeing facilities each country has to offer.
  • We have a unique product, and because of the FREE accommodation we offer HIT members, you can be assured that your advertisement will be seen!
  • By advertising with us, your business will become known, and be in the forefront of their mind when these travelers are in your region. Additionally, by offering a discount to HIT members, we are certain you will attract the interest of these Israeli travelers.
  • Simply put – you have absolutely nothing to lose! As there are no costs involved in your advertisement with us, it would be silly not to take up this offer…

We ask that in return for your offer of the best discount possible for HIT members, we will place your business information and contact details here on our website for absolutely FREE! (*the free aspect may change in the future)

Notes for advertisers

  • The Israelis must present a valid HIT card in order to obtain the discount you offer >>> “No HIT card – No discount!” Please note that in the near future you will be able to “log-into” our system and check if those contacting you are genuine HIT members.
  • We advise that you state that your discount is available on “direct bookings only!” (This will enable you to give a better discount instead of paying commission to booking agents)
  • In addition to the Israeli travelers using our network, HIT hosts & supporters may also be interested with your services.
  • Children under 13 don’t have their own HIT card, but are included on their parents’ one.

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