Become a Hosting Provider

HIT international operates an exclusive Travel Club for Israelis all over the world, listing various accommodation options, discounted tourist services and travel attractions. On our online travel directory there is also information on places of interest to Israeli travelers (e.g. Jewish communities, Israeli dance groups, Israeli restaurants) and even casual job opportunities, places they can volunteer in and much more.

Anyone around the world can look on our website and see how many hosts we have and where they are located but have no access to their personal information OR their contact details. In order to gain this access, they must first join as Travel Club members (this is in Hebrew to insure they are Israelis).

Travel Club Membership

To gain access and start taking advantage of the things we offer, Israelis must first fill-out our online registration form and join as HIT Travel Club members. When they do, they are issued with an online Membership Card. This Card has their name, photo, ID verification, membership number, expiry date, and ways they can be contacted (plus a few other things). When being contacted by Israelis regarding coming to stay, our hosts can access the restricted Security area on the HIT website and view the online membership cards of to see if they are indeed genuine HIT members.

The HIT Travel Club Membership is limited to:

  1. Israelis with a valid Israeli passport, driver’s license or residency permit.
  2. Spouses of the above.

Become a Provider

The HIT network works with various hosting/accommodation and service providers:

a) Host providers – offer various types of accommodation:

Hosts are not required:

Hosting with us doesn’t mean you have to host everyone at any time. It’s always to our hosts’ discretion to take OR refuse guests whatever their reason might be. As hosts on the HIT network you’re not obliged >>>

(1) to provide pick-up/drop-off to/from the airport, bus or train station
(2) to entertain your visitors throughout the day
(3) to feed your visitors, provide them with internet and/or laundry facilities or take them on day trips in your area.

You’re obviously free and (even encouraged) to provide any and even all of the above “extras” and many other such-like things to your visitors, IF you so choose to, but again, none of the above are required.

Hosts requirements:

We only ask HIT hosts to provide their visitors with the following basic things >>> 

(1) a place to sleep (a bed / fold-out couch / mattress on the floor / a place to pitch a tent / park outside with a campervan) 
(2) toilets and showers they can use 
(3) a kitchen where the Israelis can cook

ANYTHING beyond these things are up to your discretion as a host

  • Private hosting – Category P: Private people who are willing and able to commit themselves for hosting whenever possible within their hosting arrangements (can be on regular basis OR just from time to time). Bed, campervan or tenting (no obligation to provide camping equipment - Many Israelis travel with their own vans or carry their own camping equipment). Host Styles vary – “Separate self-contained facilities“ (where guests have their own kitchen, toilet and showering facilities), “Shared facilities” (staying in your home with you sharing the same toilets and showers you use) and “Basic facilities” (with mattresses on the floor or a fold-out sofa in the living room). Please note: The hosting is offered free of charge. IF you have a large number of HIT members coming to stay with you, and this becomes a financial burden to you, there’s a possibility to put a small cover charge to help with the extra costs of power, water, tea/coffee/sugar, toilet paper, etc.
  • Commercial Discounted accommodation – Category C: such as camping grounds, backpackers / hostels, motels, B&B etc, offering discounted accommodation to HIT Members. Please note: We’re asking for the largest discount you can possibly offer, and a minimum of 10%.

b) If you can’t host people in your home overnight, but would like to meet Israeli travelers, there are still ways for you to participate with us! Apart from hosting/accommodation providers you can also join us in one of the following categories:

  • Social (no overnight stay) – Category S: Social/meeting only, such as inviting Israeli travelers passing through your area for a meal, refreshment stop (coffee / shower / travel suggestions) or take travelers out for a day trips – boating, hunting, fishing, 4×4 driving, mountain biking, horse riding, etc, providing pick-up / drop-off to / from the airport or bus / train station OR anything else you can think of. Please note: any of the service/s you offer can be provided free of charge OR on a cost-recovery basis.
  • Jewish / Israeli cultural providers – Category J: offer cultural / religious activities to Israeli travelers. Activities may include Shabbat meals, celebration of the Jewish / Biblical feasts, Israeli / Jewish community meetings; Focus on Israel meetings, etc.
  • Operators of travel/tourist (and any other) businesses – Category O: offer discounted services or special deals to HIT members on various businesses that may be of an interest to them (such as skydiving, bungy, rafting, swimming with dolphins / whales, garages, shops, walking tracks, etc). Please note: We’re asking for the largest discount you can possibly offer, and a minimum of 10%. Tip:  we advise you give the discount “on direct bookings only” which will enable you to give a larger discount instead of paying a commission for a booking agent as well. IF offering a discount is not an option, you may be able to give “an extra value deal” or something of that sort.
  • Work providers – Category W: offer paid-jobs and work opportunities to HIT members, (e.g. child care, orchard, farm, travel industry, restaurants, etc). Please note: If an appropriate working visa is required – many Israelis have a second passport (or a working holiday visa) in various countries around the world.
  • Volunteers needed – Category V: offering HIT members various non-paid, voluntary jobs in their homes (such as gardening, cooking, etc) in return for accommodation and food. Please note: If your organization / ministry needs any volunteers at various times of the year >>> we would love to include it in our network as well! 

c) As of June 2019, we’re introducing 3 new categories >>>

  • Long-term Board / Rent – Category L: *NEW* Whether it be free of charge, on a cost-recovery basis OR strictly business (again, we’re asking for a minimum of 10% discount!) this is now an option, as Israelis, due to work or study, may look for a place to stay-in, longer than just traveling through your area.
  • Minding / House-sitting – Category M: *NEW* An option for hosts to offer, when they’re going away and needing someone to watch their home, water the plants, feed the animals, etc.
  • Exchange / House-swapping – Category E: *NEW* The option to swap houses with other hosts on the HIT network, whether in your country or any other country we’re operating in (including with Israeli travelers – in Israel)