Hosts' experiences with their HIT guests

Had our first two HIT visitors and they were two 23-year-old young men. As a family we found them to be very appreciative of the hospitality we gave to them. It was really interesting to hear about their lives and where they have come from. The visit was reciprocal and a great experience. (Rose, Ashburton, New Zealand, 23 January 2017)

“Our experiences over the last week have been excellent. We have had a couple and a single young man. They were great to host and the couple even made us some Shakshuka. Awesome! It is a great opportunity to meet young Israelis and learn about the holy land and God's chosen people. We look forward to the next visitors. Blessings.” (Kierie & Zelda, Timaru, New Zealand, 27 January 2017)

“We had a very enjoyable time with our first ever visitors Ariel and Zohar from Israel. We learnt a lot about their culture in just one short night and feel blessed to have shared time with them. Looking forward to host many more.” (Robyn, Kihikihi, New Zealand, 2 May 2017)

“Just had my first HIT visitors. Thank you Noa and Eran for choosing me. Was a blessing having you to stay.” (Penny Paterson, Port Alfred, South Africa - 13 July 2017)

“I've had my first visitors, only a few weeks after I joined the HIT network. It was very pleasing to meet and chat – they were passing through, but we had a valuable interaction. Funny that the first thing they asked was: ‘So tell me, why are you hosting Israelis!?’ I suppose that’s the question which everyone asks. May I say what a wonderful opportunity this is?” (Costa, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, 17 October 2017)